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Paint like a seasoned ‘Tradie’ with these ‘pearls of wisdom’ from our Resident Expert

Normally it takes years of being an apprentice to be offered these industry ‘Tips & Tricks’,
but we have them right here for you… how to get to most out of your equipment, how long will a paint roller last?


Paint your Decking like a pro

Use a good quality decking product and apply as per product instructions, ask your Paint Store Specialist for the best decking product for your job

For the best, even covered result, use a good quality lambswool applicator. Apply over 3 decking boards, the width of the lambswool applicator, for the full length of the deck.

Continue until all deck is complete, allow plenty of time for drying, refer to product instructions.

Sit back and enjoy your deck!


Painters Checklist

How to get the full effect of texture paints… Professional painters take care with both the preparation and application.

If you are a DIY Painter, take a tip from our expert:

Seek out professional advice on the types and volumes of paint required

  • Sand down the wall properly before beginning
  • Use Superior Quality Products, such as our SUPERIOR LAMBSWOOL ROLLER COVERS
  • Always keep an even amount of paint across the roller
  • Take care to apply paint evenly on to the wall
  • Paint from top to bottom using a long, stroke action
  • Paint small areas of the wall properly before moving onto other sections of the wall

– Follow instructions of Paint and Products you purchase


Can rollers hide wall imperfections?

Flat and Low Sheen Paints hide surface imperfections better than gloss paints, check with your local Paint Store for their recommended Brand of Paint and be sure to use our 18mm Regular Nap Superior Lambswool Roller Cover (Blue Packaging)

Remember if your local paint store does not have our Superior Lambswool Roller Cover available, they can order them in for you. Our deliveries are sent daily from our warehouses around Australia.


Paint like a Professional

A successful paint job starts with properly preparing the surface you’re going to paint.

That means you must scrape, sand, patch, and fill every hole, crack, dent, and surface imperfection. This isn’t the fun part of painting a room, but it is the most important part.

Paint can’t cover imperfections. When you have done the hard work, of preparation, make sure your use a good quality paint and Superior Lambswool Roller Cover, Australia’s No1 Lambswool Product of World Class standard with an ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer.

Enjoy painting and be proud of your result!


How long will a superior Lambswool cover last?

For a professional finish, our superior Lambswool roller cover can provide a superior finish for 2 coats – interior of a 26 square house, with care and completely washing out, drying and storing in a plastic wrap.

Your superior Lambswool roller cover will be close and ready for use for any touch ups jobs needed in the future.


Painting a brick surface

Preparation is key: If this is an outdoor project, the ideal time to undertake it is when the weather is sunny with low humidity. Replace any missing mortar before starting the process. Then clean the surface of your bricks thoroughly, using a handheld wire brush to remove any stubborn buildups. Finally, give the surface a wash with household detergent and either a scrub brush, hose, or power washer.

Make sure the bricks are completely dry before applying a primer or conditioner coat. You can use a brush, roller, or sprayer. When you start with the final colour, use an acrylic elastomeric paint for a topcoat. It will tolerate temperature changes and allow for expansion and contraction. Depending on the desired look, you may want a second coat. Ideal Superior Roller Cover would be 24mm or 28mm Nap Lambskin.


Painting a concrete surface

Painting concrete isn’t all that difficult—just make sure the surface is clean and dry. If you’re painting the floor of a garage or carport stained with motor oil or transmission fluid, you’ll want to take extra steps to remove the residue.

There are multiple degreasers specifically available for this task, which generally require several hours to dry (turning the grease to an easy-to-sweep-up powder) and then an additional day or two for the evaporation of residual moisture.

You’ll need an extremely durable product, such as an oil-based exterior deck paint or an epoxy paint. The latter is more durable and will stand up longer against potential hot tire damage.

This job is easiest with a roller that has an extended handle so you can paint without hunching over.

You’ll also want to have a few brushes of varying sizes on hand to get at those spots a roller can’t reach. 

Ideal Superior Roller Cover would be 24mm Nap Lambskin.


Manufacturing of a superior Lambswool rollers cover

Express Paint Rollers ‘Superior’ Lambswool Roller Covers are premium quality,

100% Australian Merino Sheepskin.

Our wool paint roller covers are hand selected from raw lambskins.  Our roller covers are made from the premium grade Australian Merino Sheepskins. “As good as it gets”

Our roller process is the most extensive in the industry.  Reaching worldwide quality expectations, more than 30 different applications and 8 quality control inspection areas are carried out.

Our manufacturing partner has the capacity of producing 15,000 rollers daily, and is the largest manufacturer in the world of sheepskin products.

Our Lambswool rollers are triple adhesive sealed at each end to prevent lifting.  Express Rollers Australia use a unique dark yellow PVC core, which helps identify our rollers after and during use.  Our lambskin roller covers are suitable for water based, oil based and solvent based painting products.

The unique method of separating each fibre on the lambskin, ensures an evenly painted surface.  This technique will ensure more paint can be loaded into the paint roller, saving considerable time for the professional painter.

Innovative research and development sees our Superior Lambswool Roller Covers standing up to its name – Superior.

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